Monday, November 14, 2005

Shooting Star

Wow. I was on my balcony this evening, looking at the night, and I saw a shooting star. It was huge and red, flaming across the western sky, looking as though it were low to the ground. Lower even than the airplanes flying overhead, landing and taking off from the airport. But that was probably an illusion.

I was so surprised. I'm sure I've seen a meteor in the sky before, but I can't remember when.

I was so surprised, I forgot to make a wish.

But, it's just as well I forgot. I don't believe in wishes any more. No wishes, no dreams, no grand goals.

Sure, those things are fine sometimes. It feels good to imagine what could be, what might be, all the possibilities and then sorting through to choose the one I'd like the best.

But, I've had it with that. No more. I'm tired of the disappointments. Tired of the wishes that fall to earth in flames, like a shooting star.

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