Saturday, September 17, 2005

The 7 Dangerous Habits of Chronically Single People

  1. Eating badly because, frankly, cooking for one is a pain and fast food is, well, fast and cheap
  2. Never closing the bathroom door
  3. Licking the drips from the hot sauce bottle, because, after all, it's only your own germs you're sharing with yourself
  4. Not restraining those bodily noises
  5. Rinsing a spoon and leaving it out to reuse, because (see item 3)
  6. Developing a high tolerance for dust (resulting in the side effect of a mad rush of cleaning prior to the arrival of visitors)
  7. Self-indulgence -- doing whatever you want, whenever you want, spending money without discussion or consensus
PS, to whoever may come to visit: re item 3, I *promise* to buy a fresh bottle in advance!

PPS: is item 7 really a *dangerous* habit??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would ad:

- Eating in bed
- You may leave dirty dishes (even for *days*)
- Go to the office without making the bed
- Drop your underwear on the floor (and leave it, even for *days*)

Well, in this case, for a male single. ;-)

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