Sunday, May 23, 2004

Although I shouldn't complain ...

I came down with a cold this week. Not news? Well, for me it's the end of an illness-free streak of 4 1/2 years, so when I felt it coming on Tuesday afternoon -- a real cold, not just symptoms that approach and then pass me by -- I couldn't believe it. It hasn't been a terribly bad cold, at least not like ones I remember, but the progress of the symptoms have been interesting to observe, probably because of that long gap in experiencing them. Tuesday afternoon: tired, chilled, with looming sore throat and headache. Tuesday evening: the acute blast of symptoms. Wednesday-Friday: sore throat gone but general stuffiness, drippyness and sneezing. Thursday through Saturday: all the crap draining down my throat -- this was yuckier than I remember. Friday night-Saturday: coughing, and Saturday my voice started to go. Today, I'm no longer congested or drippy or sneezing or even coughing and I feel better, but the voice is gone. I probably should have started taking an expectorant yesterday or even Friday rather than today.

Part 2: I found out my apartment complex is lowering rent by $10 a month for renewals. This is a nice complex in a good location, or at least has been. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but having them lower the rent makes me think they're losing renewals, which makes me wonder why.

Part 3: It's 82 degrees outside and sort of humid but not very. 82 degrees is nothing -- it'll be consistently 95+ soon, and that will last until October -- but when I went out this afternoon (to get the Coricidin, see Part 1 above) it felt like the dead of summer to me.

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