Saturday, September 17, 2005

The 7 Dangerous Habits of Chronically Single People

  1. Eating badly because, frankly, cooking for one is a pain and fast food is, well, fast and cheap
  2. Never closing the bathroom door
  3. Licking the drips from the hot sauce bottle, because, after all, it's only your own germs you're sharing with yourself
  4. Not restraining those bodily noises
  5. Rinsing a spoon and leaving it out to reuse, because (see item 3)
  6. Developing a high tolerance for dust (resulting in the side effect of a mad rush of cleaning prior to the arrival of visitors)
  7. Self-indulgence -- doing whatever you want, whenever you want, spending money without discussion or consensus
PS, to whoever may come to visit: re item 3, I *promise* to buy a fresh bottle in advance!

PPS: is item 7 really a *dangerous* habit??

What a week!

The Weekly Review at Harper's published September 13th

where, we discover, reality was as surreal as any parody

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Which goddess are you?

I ran across a Goddess Archetype Questionnaire the other day and decided to see how they rated me.

Out of the 7 goddesses from the Greek pantheon the questionnaire uses, it turns out that I match Persephone (underworld, mystery) by a wide margin. Following not far behind her in the rankings were Athena (career, wisdom, accomplisher) and Hestia (spiritual focus).

WAY down at the bottom of the rankings were Demeter (mother, nurturer) and Hera (wife, helpmate).

Apart from my giving, empathetic nature =) it is true that mother and wife, in the traditional sense, are not my roles.

It's also amusing to me that it's Persephone that I matched. Not because it's not apt, because it is -- very much so, I'd say. Rather, it has to do with Mictlancihuatl (Persephone's counterpart in the Aztec tradition) who I've written about before.

Nevertheless, I'm pleased to have come out on the side of these often misunderstood "dark" female spirits. Here's to the goddesses in my own personal pantheon:




More on Persephone at:
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