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Convince me   ·> more

This is "But what would it take, part 2"

Because, before I can say "yes", I have to be convinced.

And I have to know what will convince me before anyone will be able to do that.

Show me and tell me -- use words, actions, whatever, the method of communication doesn't matter, the specific words and actions don't matter -- only that they are true
  • that you want to be here. not because I might say yes. not because there's an opportunity to get into someone's pants. but because it's me you want to be with

  • that, at least now, you feel love for me. I don't expect promises of forever, but rather that you know, now, today, that you feel love for me

  • that whatever happens, we'll still be friends the next day ... even if we find we aren't supposed to be lovers, aren't supposed to be partners ... that whatever happens, it wasn't a mistake for us to feel awkward and regretful about afterwards

  • that I can feel free ... to tell you what I want without inhibition, without fear that you'll criticize, and to ask you to tell me what you want
Convince me of those things, and I can say yes to someone I love. Convince me that those are not true, and I will say no. But until I'm convinced, I can give no answer

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