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Control-freak-ism 2: Flirting  

Since mid-January, I've been driving this Mini Cooper S that I absolutely love. It's cute, it's fun, and it drives REALLY well.

In fact, late April, I took a trip and while I was at my destination I rented a car. They gave me a Toyota Corolla, which was fine. After all, I drove a Corolla wagon for 14 years, and then a Nissan Sentra for another 9. Man, that Corolla felt like it was floating all over the road, and I really appreciated how my MCS handles.

Then, a coworker got a Scion, and hybrids are popular topics of conversation these days. And I got curious. I went shopping for other cars .. and NOT Mini Coopers.

I got complacent, you know?

I was already used to my Mini.

I took it for granted. I got interested in looking around, asking myself "maybe there's something else out there"

And so, I went out and flirted a little. Nothing serious. Not even a visit to a car lot after the dealership had closed. Let alone a chat with a salesman or a test drive.

Just a little mental wandering ... looking around a little.

BUT .. because I looked, I found out that everything I want in my car, I already have in my Mini. And everything I wanted in the car buying experience, I got when I bought my Mini from Moritz.

AND I realized those things ... realized them actively ... ONLY because I went out looking.

So, ladies and gentlemen, don't get so worried if that special person in your life flirts a little. Chances are, he/she will only discover anew that YOU are the one they really want after all. And now they'll know it for real, not just because they remember knowing it from when you two got together in the first place.

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