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Unforseen consequences  

unforeseen consequences --

once I said 'yes' when I should've said 'no'. Although 'yes' wasn't the right answer then, if I'd said 'no' I wouldn't be living a dream now -- I know that's true -- I'm sure an alternate chain of events wouldn't have led to where I am

once I said 'no' when i should have said 'yes'. At that time and place and point in life 'yes' likely would have been disastrous, but because I said 'no', I closed a door that can't be reopened, the path that led from that door is now unexplorable, and a different dream is unavailable for living

why can't roads be clear so you can see the landscape, where you're going, what's ahead. It's a defect of perception, us not being able to do that

and all this (overly ?) philosophical (crap ?) is because I'm afraid a war's going to start in 3 weeks or so

Bush likes to say this is Saddam's last chance.

maybe it's *our* last chance to find an alternative to destruction

if we say 'yes', will we wish we'd said 'no'?
if we say 'no', will we find we should have said 'yes'?

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